Create your own natural toner for oily skin ...

As mentioned in the properties of our < span style = "font-size: 20px;"> Rorelisa Soap salt marine has inserted microscopic particles of the fauna and flora of the sea, so it maintains all the substances that are suppressed in common salt, such as: minerals, iodine and magnesium, being the dead sea salt the most recommended, but if you do not have this salt, you can benefit from the sea salt that you have at your fingertips, as long as it is real sea salt, what differentiates sea salt from refined salt is that it does not have a bright white color since it does not contain bleaches. >

You can prepare a facial tonic with sea salt, it is ideal to reduce the oily appearance of the skin, do it with 4 easy steps:

1. Place a liter of warm, sterilized water in a very clean, recycled spray bottle

2. Add 1 tablespoon of sea salt and wait until it reaches room temperature

3. Shake very well, close your eyes and spray it on your face

4. Finally dry with a towel.

You can explore the amount of water and salt that produces the best effect on you, r remember that in case of acne, the detoxifying properties of Sea salt will allow the toxins that are generated in your skin from acne, to be eliminated.

Enjoy your Natural Tonic !!!

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