Handmade soaps

At the time of "nourishing" what we apply to our skin also determines our health externally and internally!

Jungledesigner® soaps are made with love and natural ingredients, without chemical additives.
Created thanks to the properties of nature and its benefits, its ingredients are chosen to have a particular effect on each type of skin, they are designed to clean, moisturize and soften with the intention of providing the best benefits.

From OUR BLOG: "The Interior of Your Artisan Soap" Learn about the properties and benefits or consult it from the Tú Soap page!

It is our wish that you enjoy the experience of nature on your skin!

Read and find out: * VERY IMPORTANT NOTE *

** They are not for medical use and do not replace dermatological treatments, if you have a diagnosis, doubts and / or know that you have an allergy you should first consult your specialist doctor. The amounts of the ingredients used are not applied in very high content, only those recommended according to the main properties of each soap, in case of contraindications they will be specified.


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