Benefits of Natural Exfoliation on our Face

Our skin can be strong or delicate like the leaf of a plant and always requires special care, the our face is generally more exposed to dust and environmental pollutants, these fill us with impurities and can create irritations. Proper cleaning is essential in our daily routine, which we can do with a harmless natural soap that simultaneously softens and moisturizes our skin.

When we do not clean our face at the end of the day it can look dull or without moisture and with imperfections, infections can also come through acne, since environmental pollution can accumulate on our skin, also makeup residues (if we use it), sweat, dust and even our dead cells.

A gentle exfoliation oxygenates our skin, improves its appearance, delays the appearance of wrinkles, helps it look more luminous, soft, smooth and without appearance of tiredness and gradually eliminates blackheads or prevents them from appearing. Taking care of the skin of our face is easier than we imagine, we just need perseverance.

I share a couple of natural and soft scrubs that will pamper your face:

Barley seeds, especially for skin with acne

It is one of the seeds that when applied directly on the skin produce high effectiveness. Barley not only helps remove toxins from the body but also helps keep skin clear and glowing, the antioxidants present in barley water help fight free radicals, thus helping to reduce the signs of aging and maintain younger looking skin. for for It has a compound called azelaic acid that is used to treat mild to moderate acne, prevents clogged pores and helps reduce inflammation associated with skin breakouts, making it a prime ally in eliminating bumps and lesions of the skin.


At the time of pampering the skin, quínua pampers us very well and in a very special way, since it contains a high and remarkable content of vitamin E and makes it a great antioxidant, reducing signs of aging on the face and is rich in Omega 6 so it helps to deepen the cleansing of the skin, it also has an immediate tightening effect, and it also has soothing and anti-flammable properties.

When cleaning and exfoliating my skin, I prefer to apply the ground seed directly, and when removing, do a gentle massage on the In the case of my dry skin, I apply it mixed with natural oil and remove it with cold water.

Natural ingredients are sometimes slower but not less effective, we must be patient ... Just try and discover what makes you feel healthier your skin!

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