~ Eco ~ Packaging ~

~ Eco ~ Packaging ~

Thinking about our planet, another way of recycling was devised, which surely thousands of people they already do it in various ways. What I've learned from environmentalists is that it's not just about recycling, it's about minimizing consumption and slowing down production.

~ Plastic wrap for soaps ~

We all know that plastic bags or wrappers do not have much value but they do generate a great environmental damage.

Soaps need a small plastic wrap due to the natural oils they contain and their conservation Until it is applied, I have collected the transparent bags of oats and ground sugar from my own consumption to give them a second use and thus bring awareness and a grain of sand to the wound that our earth should heal. < / p>

The bags are properly washed and sterilized with alcohol, if you find a third use ... Our planet will appreciate it!

~ Your Pretty Soap ~

For the secondary wrapping, leaves are collected, cleaned and a layer is applied of natural oils, you will see your soap wrapped according to its content ... Natural and Ecological! You can throw it in your garden, in the meadow or put it as compost is your plants!

~ Nature thanks you ~

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~ Supporting Recycling ~

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