Let's sow! "We are all the planet"

Let's sow! "We are all the planet"

We give you Seeds to plant and create awareness about our planet and our human existence together with it, in each of your purchases you will find your seeds!
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It is our wish that you experience the energy of nature ... All the benefit that offers you contact with plants and earth!

We enjoy everything that nature gives us and give back a bit of this by giving path to the growth of a plant, a tree or a beautiful flower benefits us all ... We are all the planet !!!

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“The physical presence of who you are is just an outcrop of this planet, whatever you experience as part of yourself, with that no one has to tell you please take care of this, you will take care of it anyway. The planet is for all of us… We are an outcrop of the planet… we cannot exist here by ourselves… We will live well here if everything is green… beautiful… the water flows… and the air is pure… The planet is for all of us. .. we must be aware of everything that is alive ... constantly the air that surrounds us is entering and leaving us and this is the basis of our life, what you exhale the trees inhale, what the trees exhale you inhale. .. There is a constant transaction going on ”... Sadhguru

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